Unisar BebeSounds Nursery Air Purifier Review

Unisar BebeSounds Nursery Air Purifier
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This is one of the loudest air purifiers I have ever heard! For my baby, this happens to be a plus because while we used to use a white noise machine while she slept, there is no longer a need for one now that this air purifier is in her nursery! For others, this might be something to consider when looking at them. I like that it is small and attractive in the nursery. I know I looked at several that were big and black and ugly, so this cute little white number blends right in with her nursery decor. But aside from being loud, it emit some kind of haze on the wall when it is too close to it, and I haven't yet figure out how to clean it. The filter never seems to be dirty. I don't know that I'd recommend it to anybody. I was going to get rid of it but am giving it another chance.... still undecided.

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With the BebeSounds Nursery Air Purifier, your baby will have the cleanest air possible every day, without being disturbed by noisy machines. It quietly cleans the airyour baby breathes and helps remove unpleasant odors from the nursery. The Nursery Air Purifier emits negative ions - natural air cleaners that attach themselves to allergens, dust, airborne bacteria, and other impurities & remove them from the air. Clean air is left free to be circulated throughout the nursery. The HRPF Filter is washable - no worries about replacements. Cleans the air in a room up to 200 square feet. It's safe and quiet and the sleek design goes with any nursery d cor.

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