Ionic Pro Compact and Car Ionizer Review

Ionic Pro Compact and Car Ionizer
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The smell that many people were whining about is not bad at all. I don't even smell it. My girlfriend said she could smell it just barely, but not enough to actually think about it. You will have to clean it about once every 2 weeks. I don't mind this of course... it just means its doing its job. LOTS OF DUST gets collected.. I was shocked to be honest. You won't even need to depend on the clean indicator light. You will be able to hear a quiet buzz when it needs to be cleaned. I recommended this to my Mom and she got 2, loves them both.

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A compact version of the original, the Ionic Pro Compact Ionic Air Purifier is perfect for delivering fresh, purified air to small rooms in home and offices. Removes dust, pollen and odors. One-touch operation makes this system user-friendly. Two settings. Includes a free car ionizer. Air Cleaner Machine Type: Ionic; CADR: N/A; Maximum Room Size (Square Footage): 250 sq. ft.; Maximum Room Size: 15 ft. x 16 ft.

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