WBM Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Tealight Candle Holder Review

WBM Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Tealight Candle Holder
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The item I received was made by WBM International. About the size of a grapefruit, it arrived in a nice box, and it was packed well to protect the product. Included in the box were the following: a tiny user manual and a product information pamphlet. The candle holder did NOT come with a candle. That's a separate purchase. Because this is a natural product, no two will be exactly alike, and they most like will NOT all be evenly round or roundish. Expect some irregular lines, shapes, and proportions. Expect that each candle holder will have its own peculiar look and personality. Thus, if you plan to set a table using two or more of these candle holders, be prepared that you will most likely NOT have perfectly matching products / pairs. Just like people, each salt candle holder will have its own appearance. To me, that is part of their charm and beauty. You can see my candle holder's picture in the picture area of this product page. You'll note that it is not perfectly shaped or round. :) I love it though as there is not another exactly like it in the world! I enjoy the soft peachy-orange glow.
My reason for buying: I enjoyed my Himalayan Salt lamp so much that I decided to try this candle version as a more portable, decorative item. The idea of a tiny, living flame flickering in the natural salt holder appealed to me. From the beginning, I expected the candle holder's light to be different from the steady, evenly distributed glow of the plug-in lamp, and my expectations were spot on! People who wish for a steady, consistence warm--robust--glow from the whole product would most likely enjoy a plug-in lamp more than the candle holder. [These are available on Amazon. Read all reviews carefully though because there are questions of different levels of quality snd safety in the plug-in lamps!]
In my experience, I have found that the salt candle holder takes on the mood of the candle used, and if you have a good, well-made candle, you should have a happy, living little light, which subtly illuminates. It won't have the eye-catching "intensity" or orangeness of the plug-in lamp, but it does have a nice, ethereal quality, quite soothing to simply gaze into while relaxing, perhaps even listening to music. In the presence of gentle breeze / moving air--such as from a ceiling fan, the candle light dances pleasantly in the holder, which seems to produce a curious shimmering effect.
If you have one of those poor quality tea lights (which I tried first), the results can be disappointing and frustrating. You'll even be tempted to blame the holder. After some irritation with poor tea lights and a burned thumb, I found that a small "real" candle actually works better for me, especially since the hole in the salt candle holder is deeply carved--a situation that does make the thing tricky to light as other reviewers have stated. I've found satisfaction with using that small candle. [Be sure to put the salt candle holder on a coaster or placemat to protect the surface of your table.]
This product can be naturally elegant, unusual, spooky, wild, weird, spiritual--depending on the setting its used, depending on the owner's wishes and intent. LOL :) For those who like a candle burning during meditation, this might be an interesting product---where one can contemplate light, earth, air, etc. The candle holder makes a fun, conversation-inspiring holiday table decoration---Halloween, Christmas, Valentines.
As with any lamp or candle product, care and common sense should be exercised at all times.

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Drop a tea light candle in this himalayan natural salt crystal holder and enjoy its incandescent flicker. Gently breathe and absorb the unique beauty and natural properties of this age old salt crystal. Rev up your romanticism in the incandescent flicker of a tea light candle gently placed in this beautiful salt crystal candle holder or simply bask in the delight of nature. Choose a salt crystal candle holder and own something special and unique.no two are the same. Each piece is hand sculpt to preserve its own natural beauty. This salt crystal holder is made from rock salt sitting deep under the himalayan mountains for thousands of years, and is a one-of-a-kind gift colored by nature. It is nature's air purifier. The warmth and glow from the tea light candle bring about a wonderful reaction with the natural crystal salt. It causes negative ions to be emitted in the air clearing out positively charged particles that make us stuffy and sluggish. (Allergens; smoke; dander; pollens and air pollutants). The longer you keep the candle burning in the salt crystal holder the better the emission of negative ions. It clears the air and naturally dilutes odors so that we can breathe easier. People with asthma often find it helpful in reducing their symptoms and many medical practitioners recommend using these lamps to help relieve depression and fatigue. Ideal for your dinner table or place anywhere you want to be surrounded by clean air. It makes for a perfect gift for friends and relatives always think fondly of you when they recline in soft light, twinkling from a crystal salt candle holder. Always place the candle holder on a coaster and never leave a candle burning unattended.

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