PetAirapy UV Air Disinfector, HVAC System Review

PetAirapy UV Air Disinfector, HVAC System
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I installed the PetAirapy system in our home because our dog had multiple allergies. Every spring and fall he was miserable, and the vet bills each season ran into the hundreds of dollars. He would scratch himself raw, poor thing! After installing the PetAirapy system and giving our pet a good bath, we began to see results in less than a day. Our family has also experienced fewer colds and less problems with stuffy noses and hay fever. My own dust mite sensitivity is non-existant since installing the system.
We are a happier, healthier family - especially our dear, sweet dog - since we got PetAirapy.

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Allergens, pollen, bacteria, viruses, mold and germs are all continually circulated through your home by your HVAC system or furnace on a day-to-day basis, triggering allergies and asthma attacks. You, your family and your pets are exposed to these irritants with little or no relief.The PetAirapy PA-160 is revolutionary in controlling and purifying the air in your home. The PA-160 consists of safe, powerful and ozone free UVC (ultra-violet) light technology to kill and disinfect germs, fungi, bacteria, viruses and mold in the air. Placed directly into your HVAC system or furnace, the PA-160 disinfects and kills circulating microorganisms or germs that have been multiplying and growing inside of your home\'s main air circulation unit. Once this powerful UVC light is installed, it will immediately go to work, cleaning and disinfecting your HVAC or furnace - dispersing sanitized, fresh air. With your HVAC system or furnace cleaned of built-up bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses and germs, it will be running smoothly and more efficiently.

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