Vornado MD1-0006 PreSorb 2535 Review

Vornado MD1-0006 PreSorb 2535
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I use these presorb filters on my Vornado AQS35 filter system and they are fabulous. I change them every few months and change the HEPA filter less often. I have two filter systems, one in the "bird" room where I keep my Cockatiels (and my computer), and the other upstairs near our bedrooms. The bird room is clean as can be bedause little of the Cockatiel dander hits the floor, so I have little to do at the end of the day when I clean cages except sweep up spilled pellets and seeds. I have never been bothered by Cockatiel or any other bird dander since I got the Vornado filter systems. I have allergies and a less effective filtration system in my office, so I notice air quality right away. Don't give up your bird, get an air filtration system from Vornado.
Oh yes, they are quiet. The system makes a comforting sound, something like the distant roar of the ocean when you are at the beach, so your sleep will not be disturbed if you have one in your bedroom. In fact, I often think of it as "white" noise for street noises.

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MD1-0006 Features: -Comes in pack of 4 -For use with Vornado AQS25 & AQS35 -Activated carbon pre-filter reduces odors and many organic compounds -Overall Dimensions: 12.5'' H x 18'' W x 1'' D Replace your Presorb Prefilter every 3 months with regular use. The package contains 4 filters, refills should last approximately 1 year. PreSorb activated coconut carbon prefilter, traps odors and other organic compounds. It also extends the life of the HEPA filter by trapping larger particles. *NOTE: Filters are intended to be disposable and should not be cleaned or reused.

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