PUR CR-6000C 2-Stage Oval Water Pitcher with LED Indicator Review

PUR CR-6000C 2-Stage Oval Water Pitcher with LED Indicator
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The PUR CR-6000C 2 Stage Oval Water Pitcher with LED Indicator has some very strong positives that make it a good choice. However, it also has some weaknesses that will hopefully be addressed in a re-design. As long as you know what the weaknesses are, you should be able to get more use of the benefits of this product than some people have reported.
+ Takes up a small amount of floor space
+ Great 2 stage filters leak less filter debris than other filters
+ It has an attractive look with a sleek body
+ The included indicator reminds you when to change filters
+ The price is very reasonable on an annual basis
- The body isn't as solid as it could be, so use both hands to pick it up
- The filters seem to run out quickly
- Removing the cover takes some practice
The slim form factor has a smaller footprint and takes up less space, but it also puts more weight on the handle and the body every time you pick it up. So most of the complaints about cracking are due to the slim oval design, and not just the thickness of the pitcher. How do you compensate for that? Simply use your other hand to hold the front of the pitcher when you pick it up and relieve some of the pressure on the body and handle.
The other common complaint has to do with the design of the lid, which seems to make the pitcher difficult to fill. But after the first time, the lid opens much more easily. Simply put your thumb into the back tab of the lid an it will open easily. What's more, this model has the added benefit of having a nice seal when closed, so refrigerator odors won't get into your water. Just make sure to wait till your water has gone through the filter before putting it away, to avoid spilling.
Other than the obvious savings of cutting down on bottled water and the plastic waste that comes with it, the best feature of this pitcher has to be the filter. As a long-time Brita user, I got tired of the filter material ending up in my water. Not only does the two stage filter of this model screw in securely, it has less seepage of filter material. And of course, most importantly, the water tastes great. I can't comment on whether or not it removed more bacteria, because I didn't run any scientific tests. But the taste was definitely an improvement over other filters.
Now there is a larger dispenser that may be better for those with space in their fridge for it. Obviously you will have less breakage issues, but it takes up much more room. So it's a trade-off.
The flashing indicator on the top is meant to calculate how many refills you have gone through, and it will tell you when you have to change your filter. Even at $20 for a three pack, this system basically comes out to $60 a year for filters and the pitcher. Not bad, even if you had to replace the pitcher every year.
Overall, despite the warts this is a good product. If you don't have the room for the larger dispenser, or the faucet mount, then this will work for you. Just handle it with care.

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The PUR CR-6000C Two-Stage Pitcher with LED Indicator showcases an innovative two-step purification system that removes 99.9% of microbiological cysts, such as cryptosporidium and giardia, as well as common water contaminates, like lead and chloride. A helpful LED Indicator alerts you when it's time to change the filter, and the pitcher holds up to seven eight-ounce glasses of water, so you share the health benefits of pure water with guests and family.
Enjoy PURe Water in a Few Easy StepsThe PUR Two-Stage Pitcher features a space-saving design that easily fits in most refrigerator doors. The pitcher holds up to seven eight-ounce glasses of water at a time. The superior quality of this filtration system allows you to filter up to 40 gallons (151 liters) of water per filter cartridge, enough to last a typical household one to two months.
To use, simply insert the filter, fill the pitcher with water, and set the filter life indicator located at the top of the pitcher. This indicator light alerts you when it's time to change the filter--green means it's working, yellow is your warning light, and at red you need to change the filter.
Two-Step Filtration Keeps Your Family HealthyConvenient and easy to use, the pitcher's innovative two-stage filtration system is certified to remove twice as many contaminates as Brita water filtration systems. It removes 99.9% of harmful microbiological cysts, such as cryptosporidium and giardia, as well as other contaminates, such as lead, chloride, and arsenic. What's more, pharmaceutical residue that's often found in the water supplies of major metropolitan areas is reduced by 96%.
The smart filter system also leaves beneficial fluoride in the water. This means your water will not only be healthier, it will taste cleaner. PUR believes your water should be as clean, natural, and free of unwanted substances as possible. To this end, All PUR products are tested and certified by NSF International, an independent agency that administers a series of rigorous tests for water purification.
Reduce Environmental Waste While Saving MoneyBy investing in a PUR water filtration system, you'll be spending a tenth of what you would in one year of buying bottled water. This amounts to a comparable savings of $600 a year if you were to buy 16-ounce plastic water bottles. By bottling your own filtered water, you'll not only be saving money, you'll also be helping the environment by reducing plastic waste from discarded water bottles.
What's in the BoxPUR CR-6000C Two-Stage Pitcher with LED Indicator.
*Natural Minerals: Water is filtered over natural minerals for a more crisp and refreshing taste.†This system meets the lead reduction requirements for compliance under NSF/ANSI Standard 53 as tested by PACE Analytical Services, Inc.

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