EnviroSept Air Cleaner Console With 2 Pads Review

EnviroSept Air Cleaner Console With 2 Pads
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Originally I gave this 5 stars, but Now have to downgrade to 1 star!-
After 2 years, it kept shutting off for no apparent reason?-
Mfg. CS was helpful, and replaced it with 3 new "looking" units- All have the same problem, but started sooner!?
I have a smoker in the house, and have to keep turning it back on every couple of hours! Grrr!
I WAS having lots of health problems..., with all the forest fire smoke!
My old C90 smoke eater worked good, but Ionic put ozone (BAD!) into the air- My dog started having asthma attacks!
I did my internet homework..., and decide on the portable EnviroSept Electronic Air Cleaner(only positive reviews!)!.
I'm VERY happy with it!-
I got the portable model "without!" a Negative Ionizer (ionizer magnetizes... smoke, and causes it to stick permanently to walls/floor!)!
I used a MUCH less expensive internet company, with 14 free filter pads, and free standard shipping!
It "says" 750sq ft.?- I leave it on low (center of house), and it works GOOD (1300sq ft.)! Only uses 40 watts on low, and 70watts on high!
P.S. Non-smoking Visitors- can no longer smell my cigarette smoke!

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Negative Ionizers to Clean, Purify and Filter Your Air Free standing portable console unit Air Purifiers that Reduces Allergy Triggers in Bedroom, Office, etc. Contains the "EnviroSept" Polywool Charged Air Filter Removes a high percentage of air particulate matter. EnviroSept Console can be: Wall mounted Located conveniently on the floor Placed on a table or any flat surface. High efficiency three speed fan Rich charcoal finish Manual touch pad control with timer Remote Control for convenience for invalids. Negative Ionizer controlled by a separate on/off switch. High output ionizer adds benefits of negatively charged ions in the air. Reduces pollutants in the air that are known allergens Ten Needles: 5 on each side. Negative Ion Output: 4.23 Trillion ions/cubic centimeter/sec Ozone Output: .033 mg/cubic meter/sec Maximum Ionic Coverage: 600 sq. ft. Activated carbon filter (optional) may be added at any time for the control of gaseous odors. Especially helpful for removingVOC's from photo processing or camera stores and beauty/nail shops. Contains patented polywool disposable air filtration pads for air cleaning and air purification. Pre-Filter Air Filters Traps large dust particles Permanent filter designed to be vacuumed EnviroSept Electronic Air Cleaner Same design and effectiveness as EnviroSept whole house filter. 15 1/4" x 14 3/4" x 1" Activated Carbon Filter, Optional For removal of most odors and gases. 14 3/4" x 14 3/4" x 1" HOW IT WORKS AND WHAT MAKES THIS SUPERIOR TO OTHER AIR FILTERS: Turn On Envirosept Power and Fan. Fan Draws Air through Washable Air Filter That Traps Large Dust Particles. Meanwhile, the Solid State Power Head of Envirosept Panel Generates a Strong But Harmless 7000 Volt Positive DC Charge to a Central Grid. Sandwiched Between the Grid are Two Polywool Collector Pads The 7000 Volt electrostatic charge "polarizes" the tens of thousands of fiber strands in the 1/2 in. thick PolyWoo

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