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Bionaire Odor Grabber Litter Box
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The Bionaire Litter Box is a good start at a good idea. I have owed cats for a long time, and currently have 6. I learned long ago that clumping clay litter claiming to be "dust free" or "99% dust free" is pretty far from the truth. In fact I have often wondered if they are not really "99% dusty". I the past I have kept an air purifier next to our main litter boxes in hopes to cut down on the dust. They helped some but never were perfect. Then I spotted the Bionaire Litterbox in my pet retail magazine (I sell pet products) and after mulling it over for a month I bought one. My first reaction was that the base is a bit short and I was afraid the motor sound would resonate in the box itself, scaring our cats, but felt only time would tell. The unit also comes with a litter scoop and holder that clips on the back of the unit. The scoop is pretty flimsy and I do not even use it. I just put on the scoop holder on the box back (if you do not there is a gaping hole there) and put the scoop there.
To my surprise, out cats really did not mind the motor sound, thankfully. But my note of the short box bottom is valid. On and off in my cat owning life, our cats have urinated against the box walls (usually in the back and corners) and often higher than I like. I cannot imagine that my cats are unique in this habit. The fact that most litter boxes at the pet store these days either have a high back or are just tall with a lowered entrance, tends to prove that my cats are not unique, that the wall and high urination is common enough that manufacturers have taken this into account on the designs. Not so with Bionaire. I wash each of out 4 litter boxes every 7 to 14 days (using soap and water) and put in brand new litter. When came time for the 1st wash of the Bionaire litter box I was a bit miffed and cursing the low box design. Our cats has not only managed to urinate between the top and bottom unit but into the clip hole in the back that holds the scoop, where the urine pooled and dripped down the back of the unit and into the throw rug below. It was a real mess. I had to take the entire unit apart and wash all parts. And this has not been a once affair, no. Our cats have decided to do this often enough that I have to spend several mornings a week using wipes and cleaning the space between the top and bottom.
On a positive note, the air filter works nicely. One of the boxes is in a bathroom and in the past the dust would build up on everything in only a couple of days. I have always just wiped down the counters and sink daily and cleaning the entire bathroom each Saturday. For the first time ever there was no (of a negligible amount) of dust everywhere after the week! And a look at the filter showed just where it all went!
After about a month of use the air cleaner motor began to act up. When I open the box (the clear flip top) to scoop it, the fan will start to make more noise. After a minute the fan sounds like a car with no muffler! Obviously there is something wrong. I have to hit it a bunch of times to get it to stop the super loud noise. It sounds like there is a problem with the lubricant and the bearings. At a guess, perhaps the litter dust clogs the unit? If that is the problem then there is a major flaw in the design.
I decided to call Bionaire and give them my comments on the unit, specifically the poor bottom wall height an scoop holder clip hole and it's location. Their support people told me that Bionaire is owned by Jarden Solutions and I needed to contact them. I was told I can get the contact info on their website. Being smart I was surfing to the site as we talked and I told them there was no contact number on that web page, just a reference back to the support number I was now talking to. The rep looked and agreed and he asked his manager what to do. He was told to take my info and they would have a rep from Jarden contact me. I gave them my info and that was 6 weeks ago, and no one ever contacted me. It feels like Jarden really does not care for comments since their subdivisions cannot take them and they have NO way to contact the head company and seem to avoid allow people to do so. *sigh*
Earlier this week I contacted Bionaire again because the motor noise issues are worse now. They took my information and said they would be sending me a new unit. Seems they will be sending me an entirely NEW system rather than just the motor top. What a waste of money.
I'll end up continuing to use the unit for now, unless our cats decide to urinate between the bottom and cover and clip hole more. If it becomes too much of a pain to wipe it down daily I'll go back to a standard box with an air filter put next to it.
My final thoughts: If your cats do not urinate up the litter box walls or do not do it much, and you have a problem with litter dust, this may be the box of your dreams. You may want to try some non clay litter before you put down the $129 on this unit though. It seems to me that if your cat's will tolerate a non-dusty litter you can save a lot of money. But if your heart is set on scoopable clay litter (like me) then you might want to give this unit a shot.

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Turn it on, odor\'s gone! The Bionaire Odor Grabber Litter Box continuously eliminates nasty, unwanted odors and sends fresh, odor-free air wafting across the room. A built-in Bionaire electronic air purifier with advanced filtration quietly circulates the air, providing a clean, healthy environment for your cat. A prefilter also removes harmful litter dust, dander, and fur. It works quietly, so as not to disturb your pet\'s peace. You\'ll know when it\'s time to replace the filter from the electronic LED countdown indicator lights and reset button. The rolltop lid keeps scatter off your floors and provides easy access for cleaning. The included scoop is contoured for easy use around the corners. An integrated vented holster permits litter to fall back into the pan. 2 sets of filters and a 12-foot power cord are included. The patent-pending Odor Grabber is designed in a contemporary style that fits into your home décor. Can be used with litter liners and any style of litter.

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