Blueair 601 Air Purification System Review

Blueair 601 Air Purification System
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I have congestive lung disease and live in an apartment. When a new downstairs neighbor moved in, who is a heavy smoker, the smoke came up through the floorboards and into my place. I was literally choking to death. I tried taping over all the electrical outlets, putting special filers in the vents, and blocking every place I could think of where the fumes were entering. Nothing worked until I got the Blueair 601 with the smoke filters. It turns on automatically every time it "smells" smoke. I know exactly when my neighbor is smoking by when it turns on, but it filters all the smoke from circulating into my place. If it wasn't for the Blueair 601 I would have to move.

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Blueair features a patented HEPASILENT filtering technology with advanced media for complete air purification. Its outstanding performance traps 99.97% of particulates at 0.1 microns and cleans and changes the air in a room every ten minutes. It is the quietest and the most energy efficient air purifier available. Durably constructed of galvanized steel and lightweight. Removes dust allergens, animal dander, pollen and all other airborne particles. Also eliminates bacteria, viruses and mold. Each unit comes complete with HEPASILENT filters that last an average of 12 months. Ten-year factory warranty - the industry's best.

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