Austin Health Mate Jr. (700 sq. ft.--Sandstone) Review

Austin Health Mate Jr. (700 sq. ft.--Sandstone)
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This filter is 14 inches tall and is 11 inches square which is large compared to many air filters, but if you are used to seeing the big ones all the time this one is so, excuse me - cute! Ok, so diminuative that after living with the big ones for five years I can't get over how I feel like a giant around it because it is identical to the big ones in every way except for its size and output. It is much quieter than the large ones because it isn't putting out as much air, but this is great for a little bedroom in our house and it takes care of both dust and chemicals.
I have severe chemical sensitivities and so I've tried almost every filter on the market that is supposed to take fragrances, etc. out of the air, but I've found none that lives up to their promises like this one does.
It has wheels (they don't lock) that move very well and I've never had one fall off. In fact, I find these machines very well made - not shabby. They are made of metal and not plastic and I've never had to air one out.
If you buy this for chemical sensitivities make sure it is the one with the carbon zeolite filter. If it is missing that one (and therefore cheaper) the other filters can become contaminated with fragrances and don't air out quickly.
One thing you should do is to vacuum the holes on the outside once in a while because they will start getting a little clogged up with dust after a couple years or sooner if you don't vacuum or dust regulary.
The filter is good for four years and if you contact the manufacturer before then needing a new one (we use ours ALL the time and so needed to replace ours after three) they will, as of a couple years ago ago at least, prorate a replacement.
It would be far more expensive and less effective to put one of these in each room of your house than getting a couple big ones for the whole house. I'd recommend this for traveling (the big ones are heavy and awkward to travel with, but these are quite nice) or for when you only need to clean the air in one room. It would probably work quite well in an office and isn't so loud you can't talk on the phone. Very nice.
Overall, I'm very pleased and would highly recommend this.

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How does it work? The Austin Healthmate Jr. air purifier employs the highest efficiency 5 stage air filtration system to ensure the best air purification performance in dust, smoke, odors and chemicals removal. An advanced backward curved blower draws air through a durable 360 degree perforated steel air intake, and is channeled through a pre filter that traps larger particles, and then moves to the HEPA filter, which captures 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns in size (300 times smaller than the width of a human hair). The large activated granular carbon/zeolite canister located beneath the HEPA filter is crucial for the effective removal of 4000 chemical substances and noxious odors in the air. The Austin Healthmate does not produce ozone, ions, or negative ions that can be dangerous to those with respiratory problems like asthma and emphysema. Activated Carbon and Zeolite Activated carbon is one of the best-known substances for removing gases and odors fro the air. The Austin Healthmate uses the best source of activated carbon derived from coconut shells. Zeolite is a natural cream-colored mineral that has the capability of capturing small molecules such as ammonia, formaldehyde and sulfides. The Austin Healthmate uses a minimum of 13.5 pounds of activated carbon and zeolite. They are combined into one large cartridge that scrubs incoming air of all odors and chemicals.

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