Friedrich C-90B Air Cleaner Review

Friedrich C-90B Air Cleaner
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I bought this pricey air purifier because it received the highest rating in a Consumer Reports field test. It may be expensive to purchase, but it's worth it. This model works by drawing air through a series of filters using a powerful 3-speed fan. A prefilter removes large particles/hairs, then an ionization chamber clumps the smaller particles, allowing them to be easily removed by the final stage carbon filter. This combination seems particularly effectively at removing dust, cat dander, pollen, and other odors. It also greatly reduces the odor of cigarette smoke that wafts into my apartment from a chain-smoking neighbor downstairs. The filter also proved effective at removing the odor of cat urine/feces near a litterbox.
Like all air purifiers, the big downside of using one is the energy cost and the cost of replacing the filters. Surprisingly, this unit users much less electricity than cheaper models and costs less to maintain since the filters are washable. Only the carbon filter needs to be changed every 3-6 months since it slowly loses its ability to absorb odor.
The ionization produced by the unit leaves a slight but noticable ozone smell when the unit is running. This may be irritating to some, but it actually smells pleasant to my wife and I since we know that the unit is working. The smell disappears in an hour or less after the unit's been turned off, even if it's been left on for a night.
I would highly recommend this air purifier. Since an air purifier needs to run almost constantly while one is home if "fresh" air is also coming in through an A/C or fan, it's important to pay more attention to the maintenance/electricity costs than the initial sticker shock.

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Friedrich's C-90B electronic air purifier uses the same technology generally used in whole-house and commercial installations. This Friedrich Air Purifier is ideal for allergy sufferers because it is very effective in removing pollen, dust, mold spores, and other particulates from the airflow that trigger allergy symptoms. This filterless unit supports a thin carbon mat to absorb odors. This electronic unit works with two sets of plates. One set of plates charges the airflow and another collects any particles that were charged by the first set. This makes it a true electrostatic system. Since there is relatively little constriction of the airflow, the units tend to be quiet, producing only a quality white noise due to the operation of the fan.

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