Coway Air Purifier CADR 166 Coverage 355 sqft Review

Coway Air Purifier CADR 166 Coverage 355 sqft
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There are many reasons why this air purifier is better than some of the leading brand air purifiers.
1. Better HEPA filter. Every filters are not created equal. Comparison to IQAir residential units, the Coway HEPA filter is one class higher than that of IQAir. You can get higher class HEPA filter with IQAir, but the unit cost and the replacement filter cost is way higher not because it's better, but because of its brand name.
2. Bacteriostatic filter environment due to nano-silver media towards the front of the other filter media. This inhibits bacteria growth within the filter and thus user is now exposed to harmful bacteria during filter change. This is one of those feature not seen on other leading brand air purifier because most don't include it or place UV bulb in the back rather than towards the front.
3. Low Power consumption. Most of time, user might have the unit on at low because it has pretty good airflow even at lower fan speed. And even at high speed, it only take 19 watts to power it, but most of time, people would probably use only 6 watts at low fan speed.
4. Power Saving mode automatically turns unit off when air is clean, and automatically turns on when air is dirty. There are multiple sensors on board to constantly monitor the air quality and adjust fan speed accordingly. This is one of those feature not seen on other leading brand air purifier.
5. Silent operation. At low and silent settings, fan noise are virtually silent. And it get even more quiet when room is dark due to light sensor so user can get tranquil sleep even at close proximity to the unit. The brushless motor allows silent operation well as long lasting maintenance free motor since there is no brush to slip ring contact that could generate noise from friction.
6. Takes up less space due to components placed vertically.
7. Low cost. Both the unit and the replacement filters cost are way lower than that of other leading brand air purifier. This is probably due to Coway not been on US market for that long compared to other leading brands.
Conclusion: Coway 1008CH is feature rich products that surpasses leading brand. And there is no doubt about quality of this unit because it is made in highly developed country.
Other thoughts: If you live in or near desert area, I recommend Coway 1008DH due to yellow sand filter.
Also, if you notice Coway 1008CH and Coway 1008DH looks exactly the same, shape wise, so my guess is that the total thickness of the filters combined stay the same for both CH and DH model.

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Coway AP-1008CHincludes the most efficient & effective air purification system for allergy and asthma sufferers . Cowayis one of the leading manufacturers of environment related electronic products in the world.The energy consumption of the unit is 3.9W at silent mode and 37.8W at turbo mode. The HEPA filter sustains for 30 months if A3 filter is vacuumed every 4 weeks to clean. Less maintenance cost means less usage of environmental resource and helps for Green Environment. Coway air purifiers are ultra quiet and remarkably performed with less noise level (22.4 dBA at silent mode)Furthermore, AP-1008 serious is approved by the British Allergy Foundation that scientifically tests the products that specifically restrict or remove allergens from the environment of allergy sufferers. It is the best choice for allergy sufferers. Association of Home Appliance Manufacture (AHAM) in the U.S. also tested its Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) to prove the performance of air purifier. Based on the AHAM test result, AP-1008 serious is highly performed even though the models are small units. The product includes a HEPA filter by 3M to kill and remove 99.97% of germ, bacteria, micro dust and allergens. A3 filter which is medium filter stands for Anti-bacteria, Anti-odor and Anti-dust and specially treats its problems.The design of AP-1008 serious is developed by IDEO that is the most recognizable industrial product design consultancy in the U.S. and mainly focused on sleek and chic design with user\'s convenience. Coway achieved IDEA 2008(International Design Excellence Award) from the U.S. and Reddot Design Award 2008 in Germany and become a recognizable design product in the industry. The product shows the indoor air quality through change color of the air quality indicator light and applied intuitive interface for convenience to use.

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