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Austin Air Allergy Machine
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I live in an apartment and a few months ago I got new neighbors in the apartment below. They smoke constantly and often have parties with 8-10 people in a tiny apartment all smoking all night. The building is old, the smoke comes through not only the ventilation system, but directly through the floors and fills my apartment with the disgusting stench of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS). This unit saved me from having to move. It's that good.
The HEGA filter is particularly good at removing gas molecules and thus odors and ETS. I have allergies, but they're manageable - I bought this primarily for odor and ETS control and to that end, it works perfectly.
It's much quieter than I though possible for something that moves so much air. Even on the highest setting, I can easily sleep in the same room with it. Some may be more sensitive to noise, but it's much quieter than some IQAir models that I've heard. On the lowest setting, it's barely audible.
I keep the unit in a largish living room/dining room/kitchen area in my one bedroom apartment and it cleans the air effectively. When combined with the air circulation of my AC unit, it does a great job of filling the apartment with clean, smoke free air.
The filters are extremely effective and come with a five-year warranty. If you live in a particularly polluted environment and your filter doesn't last five years, Austin Air will give you a discount on a replacement filter proportional to the length of its life. The bonus is, it's for that AND every subsequent filter you purchase. The unit itself also comes with a five-year warranty. Austin Air seems really great about craftsmanship and customer service. They don't make a huge variety of products (like Honeywell or a lot of other electronics manufacturers that offer air cleaners), but what they do, they do right.
If you're suffering from annoying odors, ETS, or allergies, this is the machine for you. It's really made all the difference.

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The Austin Air HEGA air purifier is an economical answer to allergen, VOC, gas and odor removal. Reports by consumer experts indicate that Austin HEGA Standard and Jr. Air Purifiers are perfect for someone who: (1) Has multiple chemical sensitivities and needs an air filter that doesn't offgas (2) Needs HEPA particulate (small particle) filtration as well as gases, odors and or smoke problems (3) Is a city dweller with medium particulate allergies who also may have city or neighborhood pollutants that produce odors, gases and or soot. Most people have heard of HEPA filtration which is HIGH EFFICIENCY PARTICULATE ADSORPTION filtration (good for small particles such as dust, danger, pollen, mold, etc.) Some allergy sufferers also need chemicals, odors, and gases removed from their environments (new homes, city living, apartment living). This type of gas filtration is usually achieved by using some type of carbon or carbon/zeolite pellets to absorb the gases and odors. Some manufacturers are now also using a carbon cloth filter for gas and odor control. Austin Air's product development team developed a method for combining the carbon cloth's gas trapping properties with HEPA particles filtration. Austin engineers named their new filtration discovery HEGA - High Efficiency Gas Adsorption. Activated carbon is woven into a lightweight cloth, which is powerful enough to protect military personnel from toxic poisons.

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