iTouchless UV Toothbrush Holder/Sanitizer Review

iTouchless UV Toothbrush Holder/Sanitizer
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My daughter did her science fair project on whether these UV cleaners work or not. After a month of using toothbrushes regularily and keeping some of them just sitting out and putting some of them in this sanitizer, she grew the bacteria off of each toothbrush.
Hate to say it, but bacteria from one of the UV toothbrushes started growing first! Overall, bacteria was on each toothbrush - the UV sanitized ones; the ones sitting in the cup on the bathroom counter; the brand new ones that went straight from the package to the petri dish... all of them.
So, I hate to knock the product here... but we didn't think it made any difference.

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The iTouchless UV Toothbrush Holder/Sanitizer functions to eliminate unwanted and harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses that reside on your toothbrush. Using the UV-C sterilizing lamp, up to 99.9% of these germs are eradicated from your toothbrush in approximately 7 minutes. This UV-C lamp also known as germicidal UV emits sufficient doses to eliminate dangerous micro-organisms. The UV-C lamp will last an estimated 6 years.Holds four toothbrushes at a time, so it's great for whole family.Powered by two standard AA batteries (not included) which will last approximately 3 months if used twice per day. Rechargeable AA batteries can also be used.

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