Inhale-Pure with Stop-Snore Nosefilters Review

Inhale-Pure with Stop-Snore Nosefilters
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I don't know about the price, how much other similar products cost, but these filters fit fine and do their work. I have light form of allergy and use these when I'm feeling problems with nose. After I insert filter nose stops running and I don't sneeze.
I'm not sure how many stars to choose.. the product itself is like 4 and 1/4 or 1/2 :) but free shipping abroad is very rare thing on Amazon...

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For USA orders, we provide 3 devices with 30-day supply of refill filters (20 white filters and 20 blue filters) that cost you $12.99. The shipping cost, California state sales tax and city sales tax will be added for the California orders. Before refilling the new filters, clean the Nosefilts device with soap water. Both filters and device should be used only in dry form. Then fit the device into your nostrils. It filters particles up to 2 to 500 microns providing CLEAN AIR for your breath. The filtration efficiency fluctuates to filter the ultrafine-particles, metal fumes, combustion nuclei, smog, virus, nebulizer drops, gas molecules and fine clay particles.

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