Avoderm Dry Dog Food Chicken & Rice Review

Avoderm Dry Dog Food Chicken and Rice
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I used AvoDerm products when my Basenji, Emmy, was alive. She thrived on the dog food and dog bone treats. Her coat was shiny and soft while eating both the can and dry food. She passed away of old age. My daughter has a Boxer with digestive issues. After introducing Rocky, the Boxer, to AvoDerm his problems disappeared. Buying the food online is a cost savings compared to Petco and PetsMart high prices. Thank you, Amazon!

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AvoDerm Natural Adult Chicken Meal & Brown Rice dog food provides quality protein sources that are ideal for adult dogs with sensitivities to other protein sources. We use only quality ingredients in all of our formulas to provide healthy, balanced levels of protein, fat, and nutrients for adult dogs. Our foods are naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols to ensure freshness and palatability. We created AvoDerm Natural formulas with California avocados so your dog could have a healthy skin an

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