CX 1000 Complete Air Purification System Review

CX 1000 Complete Air Purification System
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I'd like to get another one of these, but it is way overpriced (as I think ALL air purifiers are). The company I work for was going to become a distributor for this product, so I got one at manufacturers rep cost 3 years ago, and put it in my daughter's room, who suffers from mild to moderate seasonal allergies. It has run almost constantly for those 3 years and flawlessly too I might add. And her allergies have improved. She doesn't wake up in the morning congested and wheezing like she had. When in auto mode you can hear the fan ramp up briefly when the load get heavy in the room. We moved it for awhile to another room in the house, and the amber lights showed how "dirty" the air was, and we watched as the air improved and the lights turned to green. It is quiet. She keeps in in "small room" mode at night when she sleeps. right next to the bed, and it is extremely quiet. Even when the fan is running at higher speed, it is still very quiet. I'd buy another one, but not at the prices I have seen them advertised. But it is a great product.

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CX 1000 TAPS portable air purifier monitors air quality and increases its purification output when it detects large particulate quantity. This large-room air purifier uses the latest air purification technologies, such as UV light, photocatalytic oxidation and electronic sensors to clean the air up to 900 sq. ft. CX 1000 air purifier eliminates everything from bacteria to pet dander. It eliminates bacteria, viruses, dust particles and mold spores, making it particularly suitable for those with compromised immune systems, asthma and allergies. The UV light activates a highly reactive and patented Titanium Dioxide catalyst that destroys toxic compounds and converts them into water and carbon dioxide. Warning lights on this unit signal increased toxic levels and combine with electronic motion sensors to automatically compensate for increased particulate concentrations. This air purifier is perfect for the immune compromised, and achieves its goals without expensive filter replacements or excessive noise. Warranty: The CX 1000 comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty provides for repair replacement of any defective parts or components for two years from the date of purchase at no charge for labor or materials. Ultraviolet lamp and expendable filter cartridge media are consumables, therefore are exempt from this warranty.

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