Lightning Air LA-3IC Sanitizer Review

Lightning Air LA-3IC Sanitizer
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An ozone generator is like having your own lighting storm air cleaning system. This is the nuke'em type, you turn it on and set the timer and leave the room until it is done and the air has cleared. The ozone is like bleach in the air and kills mold and odors. Very handy for moldly rooms or a smell in the car. The small air cleaning types put out a low level of ozone that is low enough that it is safe enough to breath, and will clean the air but the ozone is still bad for asthma and can make allergies worse. The low level ozone level with those units is also too low to kill mold or get ride of odors at the source. Where a ozone generator like this model puts out enough ozone to nuke the problem at the source by killing the mold or mildew, but of course you have to stay out of the room to avoid breathing excessively high levels of ozone. Later after the air has cleared, you will still smell a ozone smell for a few days, a sort of clean smell like after a thunderstorm. This unit has a metal case and three ceramic elements and is a small commercial type unit designed for heavy use. While this unit is too small for quickly doing an entire apartment, it is the right size for a car interior or for doing one room at a time. So far I have used it in one bedroom, our minivan and my mother borrowed it for her car. I also plan on using it in another bedroom and maybe the basement. Buying this generator is like getting a steam cleaner, you don't think that you will use it much until you have one, and then you find all kinds of uses for it and everybody wants to borrow it.
This generator selling for $350 is a good bit cheaper than many of the larger commercial units which seem to be designed for hotel more for apartment use after someone has smoked in a room or for cleaning up after water damage. This small unit will do those jobs as well, just one room at a time and is a more practical sized and priced for home use. The generator has a timer that can be set for up to an hour and a continuous setting. One word of caution, the continuous setting is set by turning the dial backwards from off, rather than past the timed settings. I nearly broke the handle by trying to turn it the wrong way before I realized my error. The instructions are very brief, but then there isn't much to using one of these things. The ceramic elements can be removed and cleaned, so the unit should last for just about forever. Save the box and packing for storing it in, which will keep dust out of the inside wiring.

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Designed with the professional in mind. Removes strong odors from unoccupied spaces in a short period of time. Employs a special O3 generator to achieve the natural process producing activated oxygen. It oxidizes odors and eliminates them by generating ozone internally and disbursing them into the desired area, rids the area of odors at their source. Control odors from pet odors, mold & mildew, decaying matter, cleaning fumes, cooking odors, and more. Only use in unoccupied places. Covers up to 8000 sq. ft.

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