Waterwise 9000 Water Wise Distiller Purifier - NEW Review

Waterwise 9000 Water Wise Distiller Purifier - NEW
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I purchased this item after going through the reviews and articles of countless other water distiller sites. I had 3 different models in mind. One was only $99 (http://www.wholesalewaterdistillers.com/), this waterwise one at $200 (available through http://www.hacres.com/home.asp ) and one for $400.
The $99 is recommended if not willing to pay a high fee. The webaddress I gave may look a little cheezy, but you can call the owner up directly and speak to him about the products. In fact, he strongly does not recommend this Waterwise Product. He says many people have trouble with the timer and something to do with the plastic. Also Waterwise has sold this modle over to Kenmore (Sears brand) and it has the same probs. (Kenmore model can be purchased anywhere from $100-200)
The $400 model my family owns. It is complete stainless steel, not plastic anywhere and it has a lifetime warrenty. Unfourtuantly, I do not have the website at this time to list it here. It's the top of the line in home distillers and has a life time warrently (compared to waterwise 1 year)
Now my nightmare with waterwise. I ordered through the hacres.com place I listed above. It only cost $200 with shipping. I had wanted a water distiller for some time. We don't drink the tap water for the contaiments in it, and I'm tired of getting Reverse Osmose water from water machines and paying all that money. Well when it arrived, it was a little bigger than I expected. Do plan on having it in an area where all the fans can freely circulate. The first batch of water needs to be dumped, just to clean the product. My 2nd and 3rd batches tasted and smelled bad....and so did all of those after it. On the 3rd morning after having the product, it wouldn't work. I thought perhaps I was doing something wrong so I called waterwise and told them my problem (the carafat light was coming on, thereby not allowing me to start the distilling process). They looked up in the computer the message, put me on hold and said that they were shipping out a whole new machine to me.
Okay, that was bad news...I asked what was the matter. Wouldn't you know it, it was the same thing the gentleman on the phone told me about from the $99 water distiller place. The timer broke and it was irreplaceable. Being that my machine was under warrently, they were shipping out a whole new one to me and wanted me to send my broken one back to them.
Well when everything hit me sometime later, I relized that I didn't want a machine like that. I wanted to have my water distiller around for more than a year (esp at that price). So I decided to send everything back...which resulted in a big headache from both waterwise and hacers.com. Each company wanted back the broken distiller. After many phone calls, the situation was finally solved. I never want to go through such an experience again.
To sum things up, do not purchase this model.

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Waterwise 9000 DistillerWaterwise® 9000 Water Distiller - The Model 9000 countertop water distiller provides enough water for up to 4 people, producing a gallon of pure water in 4.5 hours. No assembly or installation is required! Using the Waterwise 9000 is so easy! Just fill the removable boiler with tap water, plug into an electrical outlet, push the start button and replace the collector bottle...and that's it! The Waterwise 9000 will stop automatically when the cycle is completed. Included with the 9000, is a 1-gallon GE Lexan® storage bottle which fits conveniently into your refrigerator and has a built-in push button spigot.

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