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It smells really bad, toxic smell. My girl friend almost fainted and told me to smell the product. I got within 3 feet of it and it could of made me pass out if I was around it long enough. Everyone that came near it thought the same as us and it smelled up the whole area.
This product should not be sold and should be banned! All the toxins it puts into the air from the product. All "HEAVEN FRESH" products should be banned because we got 2 different ones and they smelled about the same. 8 People all agreed that they were pure poison for the air quality and we returned them.

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The XJ-1000 helps remove airborne pollutants from the air right down to the sub micron level (less than 0.015 microns). It generates millions of Negative Ions to simulate natural cleaning process. The unit also deposits the pollutants onto its collector plate (not removable) and requires only a periodic wipe for maintenance. Combine the efficiency of a high quality ionic air purifier, and an efficient long life LED night light with the fashion-designed good looks and you are describing the Heaven Fresh XJ-201. It operates silently and keeps the air in small spaces clean and fresh. The stainless steel collector plate absorbs microscopic contaminants and simply pulls out of the housing for cleaning. The cordless electric plug feature makes possible a flush-to-wall mounting into any standard 110V wall socket.

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