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Alive Air Purifier
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I purchased this unit a month ago after an extensive search for the "perfect" purifier at a good price. I went through the " I don't know about this brand blues" or " look at the price " comparing the others makes and models.
But I was sold when I called the company and talk to customer service after viewing the "you tube" presentation, they were honest and answered every question I had, I also like that I could return it no question ask if I didn't like it. The unit has more bang for the buck than any units I compared it to, and really their was no other unit that could match the combo of purification it has. This unit has 9 stages not 1 or 2 like the store brands. Well the unit arrived quick and setup was easy I was afraid it would be loud compared to what I heard at the stores but to my surprise it was perfect on "auto" and like all the reviewers are stating you will notice the difference in hours if not minutes this machine really works. I would buy again !

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The Alive Air Machine is the worlds most advanced air purifier with 9 technologies. Why settle for 2-3 technologies when you can get all 9 available? Try the Alive Air Purifier for yourself.The 9 Separate Technologies:High-Performance HEPA Filter- A must for those suffering from allergies and asthma, it's tested 99.97% effective in capturing harmful airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns like dust, and pollen..Activated Carbon Filter - Far and away the most effective filter for absorbing odors, toxic gases and hazardous chemical fumes including cigarette smoke and everything from paint fumes to poison gases.Ultraviolet (UV) Light Irradiation-Recommended by the Centers of Disease Control, ultraviolet light actually breaks down the molecular structure of mold, bacteria, viruses and other germs, rendering them harmless.Washable Electrostatic Dust Collector Plates - The electrostatically-charged dust collector grid traps tobacco smoke, pollen, dust, pet dander and other harmful airborne particles and pollutants like a magnet.Washable Pre-Filter - Removes dust/hair and extends the overall life of your air purification/filtration system.Dual Photo Catalyst Nano-TiO2 Germicidal Sanitizers - Help suppress the growth of harmful microorganisms including mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, viruses, dust mites and odors.Air Pollution Sensors - Monitors indoor pollution and adjusts system performance to maximize air-cleansing.Diagnostic Sensors - Alert you when it's time to replace filters, the UV light or clean the collector grid, all designed to guarantee your system is working at peak performance, without having to think about it.Anion Continuous Negative Ion Generation - Helps put back the naturally occurring, healthy properties of negative ions as Mother Nature intended. Effective at clearing smoke, decreasing carbon monoxide, combating mold and reducing fatigue.

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