Stadler Form M005-6 Heater, MAX Fan Review

Stadler Form M005-6 Heater, MAX Fan
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Swizz Style M-006 Max Fan Heater, White
It's absolutely great looking: hip, sharp and whimsical. Everyone in my architecture firm wanted one when it was delivered. But I bought it for a room in my home with a fireplace but without central heat. Sadly, it's much, much less powerful than the much less attractive ceramic heater I bought at Costco for 1/3 the price. It also off-gases really toxic-smelling fumes for several hours after you turn it on, so be prepared to put in a very well-ventilated place to begin with. (I had to plug it in outdoors.)
It still deserves rave reviews for its looks, but I'm swapping out the ugly black electric cord it came with for a white one...

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MAX turns up the heat!MAX\'s heating elements warm the air, which is then blown quietly into the room, creating an agreeable temperature.MAX heats during the transition period, when the main heating is not running – MAX warms the feet in a cold office – MAX makes cold rooms toasty.MAX is versatile! MAX blows cold air or hot air with 750 or 1,500 watt power output.The desired temperature is infinitely adjustable. Thermaloverload protection fitted.

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